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Belgrade € 32.44 € 20.40
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Pancevo € 35.44 € 23.24
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Zrenjanin € 34.44 € 21.44

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Vranje- A charming city Car Rental

Located in Southern Siberia, Vranje is the main administrative centre of the Pčinja District of Serbia. The municipality of Vranje is nestled between municipalities of Leskovac, Bosilegrad, Bujanovac, Kosovska Kamenica, Vladičin Han, Surdulica and Trgovište. Vranje is a beautiful and charming city with mesmerizing scenic surroundings, perfect climate and fascinating culture which makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. This city has derived its name from the word ‘vran’ which means ‘black’ in Serbian language. Vranje is an important agricultural centre and has a great historical significance as an Ottoman trading site. The travelers visiting Vranje for a business trip or for a holiday can best explore all the interesting sights of the city and its nearby areas by hiring a car with Serbia Car Rental.

Vranje – Highlights

Vranje Car Rental The travelers interested in Serbia tours must travel to Vranje as it is an ideal holiday destination offering a memorable holiday experience. Vranje is located at around 63 miles south of Nis. The travelers can easily get in the city from anywhere in Siberia. They can take flights from any of the airports in the country like Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport and Niš Constantine the Great Airport. Vranje has an excellent network of roads and railways which connects city to other parts of the country. At Vranje the travelers can also enjoy luxurious cruise tours along the Sava, Danube or Tisza River. The most famous attraction of Vranje is the White Bridge which is popularly known as the Lovers Bridge. The other famous attractions of the city are National Museum built in 1765, Markova kula fortress dating back to 11th century and Youth Cultural Centre.

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